Infinite Sector Podcast Episode 2: New World Chaos

The Infinite Sector Collective’s second episode in its podcast series is “New World Chaos”. This time around the collective tackled the themes of the New World Order, the Illumaniti, conspiracy theories and secret societies.

Track listing:

Carlos Saladen – “Cultive Ton Jardin”
Photon Ghoul – “Black Lodge”
Swamps Up Nostrils – “Selection Of Chaos Out Of Order Revisited With Stomach Cramps”
Droid If Machine – “Baghdad Space Program”
Kontlicher Krew – “900 Euros”
AdDM – “Ill Human Nation”
Mystified – “A Drink A Tale”
Cory Thrall – “New World Murder”
Resin – “Illuminatiphobia”

Additional credits:

Artwork, Voiceover, Engineering: AdDM
Additional Voiceover: Never Acid Again
General Production: Photon Ghoul