Podcast: Mysterious Beast

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Infinite Sector Podcast Episode 1: Mysterious Beasts (Kaiju Eiga)


The Infinite Sector Collective is proud to present the first episode in a series of podcasts. This episode is a compliation of tracks whose theme is that of the legendary Godzilla and the rest of the Kaiju Eiga. “Kaiju Eiga” roughly translates to “Mysterious Beasts”, which are the gargantuan monsters of the Godzilla mythos. Each track is dedicated to one of these mysterious beasts that Godzilla either fought against or alongside as an ally. The tracks span a range of genres from experimental electronic to barely-controlled noise.

In honor of over fifty years of Godzilla, we present this collection of various interpretations of the Kaiju Eiga!

Track listing:

Sharza Harza – “King Ghidora”
Fred Yarm – “Hedorah”
Boron Jive Leper – “Rodan”
Photon Ghoul – “Biollante”
Karyon – “Mosuryon”
Terminal Shock – “Jet Jaguar”
darph/nadeR – “Mechagodzilla”

Additional credits:

Artwork: Terminal Shock
Mastered: AdDM
Mixed: Photon Ghoul