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The infinite sector is not a traditional record label. We do not offer record deals, contracts, or any other form of financial compensation. We function as a non-profit netlabel and do not earn any money through album sales. All infinite sector releases are made available online for free in MP3 format under our creative commons license.

Membership within the infinite sector is completely free, and dependent entirely on participation in our discussion group and participating through  creative contributions  such as remixing, sample exchanging, musical collaboration, and partcipation in our forum and compilation projects.

If you are interested in being a part of the infinite sector collective, please send us an e-mail with the following information :

1. Your artist/group name
2. Your city, state, and country.
3. Your URL / website
4. A project description / bio
5. How did you find us?
6. Why do you want to join infinite sector?
7. A link to listen to at least one full track online.

Please note that e-mails containing attachments will not be accepted.

Having at least one track available to listen to online is extremely important for the application process.  Potential new members without a full track available online will not be able to be added to the collective.

All e-mails will be forwarded to the collective as a whole. New members are accepted through group decision on a case by case basis.