Infinite Sector Podcast Episode 2: New World Chaos

The Infinite Sector Collective’s second episode in its podcast series is “New World Chaos”. This time around the collective tackled the themes of the New World Order, the Illumaniti, conspiracy theories and secret societies.

Track listing:

Carlos Saladen – “Cultive Ton Jardin”
Photon Ghoul – “Black Lodge”
Swamps Up Nostrils – “Selection Of Chaos Out Of Order Revisited With Stomach Cramps”
Droid If Machine – “Baghdad Space Program”
Kontlicher Krew – “900 Euros”
AdDM – “Ill Human Nation”
Mystified – “A Drink A Tale”
Cory Thrall – “New World Murder”
Resin – “Illuminatiphobia”

Additional credits:

Artwork, Voiceover, Engineering: AdDM
Additional Voiceover: Never Acid Again
General Production: Photon Ghoul

Thoughts on Grateful Dead Performance From 1983

A few of our music experts weigh in on a Grateful Dead concert from October 14, 1983 at Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, CT.

Jozy S.

This show brings back great memories, unlike the following night’s show that weekend in Hartford in 1983. It was the best seats I ever had for a show. We were front row, me and 5 friends, about 15 feet in front of the band. Security was tight and there was plenty of room to move.

The band opened up strong and gained momentum throughout. The show peaked at Scarlet Begonias, Fire on the Mountain, Estimated Prophet and Eyes of the World (68 minutes). They really came out in the second set and blew the roof off, especially during Fire. Jerry just openly rips and the band’s got his back. The quality of the recording is good and I’m now glad I can compare this show to the following night (that’s another story). This show is the boys at their best in one of best years they had.

Blue Dog

This is a FANTASTIC show – wish I’d known what I was missing in ’83 – but I was too young & dumb.

I already Have Dicks Picks 6 (this show), but I took a listen to this and I like this AUD better. The SBD on DP6 is a good recording, but it’s not as full as the one these guys did and DP6 doesn’t even come close to capturing the feel and energy that must have been there the way this recording does.


I must thank Jerome Garcia for all the inspiration he has provided for me over the years. The man was “Mozart” in disguise. He looked me in the eyes once before, and that was the last time I saw the man alive. Warfield, S.F. 1994, JGB. John Kahn was alive then too. I miss them both. Did some hard time for being noticed. It was worth it though.

Anyhow, Jerry’s guitar is the “nebula.” He taught me most of what I know about tuning in. Thank you Jerry. I miss you man. I’ve got a lot more to learn.


This is one of those cases in which the AUD tape of a show is much preferable to the SBD (as released on DP6). The quality of the AUD is fantastic and very clear! Whoever taped it did an excellent job of mic placement and finding the right place in the hall to record.

I don’t want to spoil the fun but the second set is just epic. I love listening to it when I do masonry repair in Syracuse, NY. The Scarlet>Fire is one of the best ever played, better than 5/8/77 in my opinion. The Eyes>Drums>Spanish jam>Other One is great but the Stella B. is fantastic; one of the all time great Stellas.

Podcast: Mysterious Beast

Infinite Sector Podcast Episode 1: Mysterious Beasts (Kaiju Eiga)


The Infinite Sector Collective is proud to present the first episode in a series of podcasts. This episode is a compliation of tracks whose theme is that of the legendary Godzilla and the rest of the Kaiju Eiga. “Kaiju Eiga” roughly translates to “Mysterious Beasts”, which are the gargantuan monsters of the Godzilla mythos. Each track is dedicated to one of these mysterious beasts that Godzilla either fought against or alongside as an ally. The tracks span a range of genres from experimental electronic to barely-controlled noise.

In honor of over fifty years of Godzilla, we present this collection of various interpretations of the Kaiju Eiga!

Track listing:

Sharza Harza – “King Ghidora”
Fred Yarm – “Hedorah”
Boron Jive Leper – “Rodan”
Photon Ghoul – “Biollante”
Karyon – “Mosuryon”
Terminal Shock – “Jet Jaguar”
darph/nadeR – “Mechagodzilla”

Additional credits:

Artwork: Terminal Shock
Mastered: AdDM
Mixed: Photon Ghoul

We’re on the air!


“infinite sector radio” is on the air!!!   Streaming mp3 audio from the infinite sector collective is now available by clicking HERE.  Anyone wishing to create a “station id” to be played during our broadcast should contact klao DNA for more information.

The release dates for volumes I, II, and III of the “Collective Compilation” has been delayed slightly due to the inefficiency of the U.S. Postal Service. All three of the CD masters are in the mail and on their way to the manufacturer, so it won’t be too much longer.

In an effort to encourage collaborative projects within the infinite sector community, we will be releasing a special CD series entitled “Collaborations”. This is our opportunity to interact with each other musically, and to help strengthen our collective.

We have a new infinite sector Forum/bulletin board!!! You can find it by clicking HERE and don’t forget to say “thanks!” to Mad Drive for taking the time to set up and maintain the BB for all of us to use.